TEDxBethesda 2019

April 27

Session I: Perceive

Performance by..

Exciting details soon!

Session II: The Unseen

April 27, 2019

Doors Open

12:00 PM

Come one; come all. The doors to #TXB19 open at noon!

Event Starts

1:00 PM

Jay Frost starts things off with a warm welcome and some important housekeeping items. Be advised: Doors close promptly at 1pm for the first TEDx Talk. You won't want to miss it!

Session 1: Perceive

1:15 PM

Session 1 of TEDxBethesda 2019 is a brilliant combination of word and motion. You'll see what we mean soon.

Watch I

2:15 PM

A TED Talk that everyone should see at least once - with some brief considerations from our Jay Frost


2:30 PM

Enjoy our palatable intermission. You'll have a chance to network with our organizing team and meet our inspiring speakers!

Awesome Musical Performance

3:30 PM

We'll let the vibes do the talking on this one.

Watch II

3:50 PM

Session 2: The Unseen

4:10 PM

Session 2 of TEDxBethesda 2019 is illustrative of some of the mindsets that may become more abundant in the near future. Session 2 will also feature sounds that started in the distant past, but still ring on today.

Closing Reception

4:50 PM

We'll close with thank you message from our Primary Organizer/Director, Chad. Don't forget your gift bag on the way out!

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June 12, 2018

We're already hard at work preparing for TEDxBethesda 2019. After a successful inaugural event in March 2018, we have big plans for this go-round. In the mean time, check out our recap video from the last one: https://vimeo.com/275641756


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